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    Project Baseline: Riordan Manufacturing - employee relations

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    Using Riordan Manufacturing, create a project baseline using employee relations (such as increase employee morale, incentive plan, decrease turnover rate, etc) as the project topic.

    Write a paper that describes the project's background and general requirements, which must include prescheduled milestones, cost constraints, and quality requirements. The paper must relay the theoretical and practical application of the following:

    1. The framework for risk identification in the project; for example: WBS, brainstorming, and critical success factors.
    2. Fault tree and event tree techniques and how they could be used to identify risks.
    3. Project risks in the selected scenario.
    4. Elements used in documenting project risks.

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    Riordan Manufacturing Project of Increasing Employee Morale
    Riordan Manufacturing Inc. is a world class manufacturing business organization that produces plastic injections. The company develops innovative and highly developed plastic injections. With its art design capabilities, the company has earned a great market share in the international business environment. The two main important hallmarks of the company are extreme precision and enthusiastic quality control. The company is continuously providing quality products to most of the popular countries.

    Increasing Employee Morale Project & Background
    From last some years, the company is confronting problems related with the decrease in the employee morale. For addressing this issue, it is planning to undertake a new project. The new project of the company is targeted to improve employees' morale and develop effective employee relations in the company and its employees. The new project is planned to accomplish in one year time period with following requirements and milestones:
    ? Increase employee morale by facilitating them with all essential help and training to perform their duties
    ? Management of company is responsible for satisfying all kinds of needs of its employees to avoid any impact over their productivity
    ? Adopt effective and flexible organizational structure, in which employees can easily communicate with each other and their top management (Lewis, 2007).
    ? Attain 25% improvement in employees' productivity within one year of its implementation.
    ? Increase employees' involvement in business decision by 20% within 6 months of the project implementation.
    ? Decrease employee turnover rate by 5%.
    ? Develop a project risk management plan or measure to avoid any failure in attaining its objectives.
    This project of the company is an all inclusive effort of its management in the direction of increasing employee ...

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