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    Leadership skills would have helped you avoid this situation

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    People Improve Processes, Not BPM Tools. By: Hedge III, Arthur J.. AIIM E-DOC, Sep/Oct2005, Vol. 19 Issue 5, p20-23, 3p; (AN 18632114)

    Review the article above.
    Which of your leadership skills would have helped you avoid this situation?
    What additional skills do you need to develop before you are prepared to handle a similar scenario?

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    In the first case presented, members of the management team have discovered the processes
    within the organization need improvement, before the implementation of a new Business Process
    Management system can be effective. Because the new system was considered for HR and recruiting
    activities, rather than for a greater portion of the firm's businesses processes, plans for implementation
    were halted. If managers could have been convinced that a larger organization wide BPM system would
    help alleviate the problems the firm currently faces, they may have approved the project.
    The art of persuasion is a difficult leadership skill to master. However, when I am faced with a
    situation in which decisions makers must see the long term and short term benefits of a project, my
    persuasive skills can be effective. Such skills require as much planning abilities as communication
    abilities. Planning means considering how supporting information, used to convince decision makers of
    a need, can be a deciding factor. Use of visual aids, reports an analysis should help get the point ...

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