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    Leadership Capstone

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    Need Assistance With Following Questions To Link In With Leadership Capstone Paper (Appx6-8pgs)

    Have attached Leadership Capstone

    Leadership in Context: In this chapter, you provide examples of theories and concepts as applied to a real life situation drawn from your personal/professional leadership experience.

    1. Description of Situation. Brief description of the event "what happened."
    2. Analysis of Situation
    a. Systems Perspective (OLCU 602)
    b. Organizational Behavior Perspective (OLCU 613)
    c. Organizational Development Perspective (OLCU 615)
    3. Conclusion. Describe how this application fits within and supports your leadership philosophy (as described in Chapters 1-3).

    Final Thoughts. This chapter provides a summary/distillation of what you have learned and what is of most importance to you as a leader.

    1. Essence or Major Cornerstones. Based on what you've written, describe the essence or major cornerstones of your leadership philosophy.
    2. Evolution of Thinking. How has your thinking changed since you have been on this learning journey?
    3. Conclusion. Make a final summary statement about the paper.

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    //As a leader, it becomes essential to analyze the situation and issues for making an effective decision in relation to the organization. Leaders need to have the knowledge and analytical skills to understand the rationale behind any situation for providing an adequate solution. In this essence, the following section will include the description of a particular situation that I faced in my professional leadership experience.//
    As per my views, leadership is a way of leading people by example. There are a different situation when a leader has to behave and react in a different manner as per the situation. Every situation requires different management as per the assessment of the leader. In this context, I have described a situation faced by me in T-LJs. T-LJs operates in real estate industry, where I worked as the executive manager. The company was relatively new, so I was given the charge to develop and handle a team of 4-5 members. During my tenure, I observed two major challenging situations that are described below.
    The first challenge that I observed was the problem in retaining and hiring skilled employees for sales and marketing department as the company is relatively new in the real-estate sector. The company was not interested in giving adequate pay structure to the employees as compared to other competitors. The company was also not adequately focusing on the mode of recruitment. The hiring of new sales team was crucial for the development and survival of the company.
    The second challenge was the culture of the company. The team consisted of employees from the cross-cultural background and there existed disconcert among employees due to cultural barriers that affected the workflow of the company. The cultural barriers hindered in generating a cohesive environment in the company, which sometimes created situations of disharmony and aggressive behavior.
    //In the above section, the description of two main challenges faced by me during my tenure is given. In this context, the analysis of the situation as per the systems perspective, organizational behavior perspective and organizational development perspective are given in the below section.//
    System thinking or perspective is that discipline of management that focuses on understanding a system by exploring the interconnections between different components that compose the entire system or organisation (The Institute for Systematic Leadership, 2016). As per the systems perspective, the two critical situational challenges that I faced during my professional career are interrelated, as both challenges comprised of the same component that is human resources that affected the work flow of the company. The perspective system advocates that there are different explanations for any complex situation (Senge, 2010). Therefore, as per system perspective, the issue of retaining and hiring employees is due to the old methods of hiring and retaining employees. The disharmony among the employees is due to the less focus on engaging employees and the hurdle in the communication among the employees. The systems perspective identifies the interconnection between the patterns of behavior (Senge, 2010). Hence, the two challenges showcase that the culture of an organization is not supportive that hinders the employees to work cohesively.
    Organizational behavior is that study which examines the impact of groups, ...

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