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20 Page MBA Capstone Project Example using Target Stores Inc.

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Proposal Content and Format for Project (MBA CAPSTONE)

Introduction - In this section, identify the organization and history of the

· Target organization. (Target Store Example)

· Nature of the project.

(Development of an intervention, such as a workshop or training activity that is
broad- based enough to demonstrate the program-level outcomes


Development of a consulting report on a problematic issue within an
organization, provided that the issue is broad-based enough to demonstrate
program-level outcomes.

· Rationale for the project.

Outcome Demonstration - Describe how this project will allow you to demonstrate
each MBA program outcome.

· Apply foundation knowledge.

· Integrate information.

· Lead and collaborate.

· Integrate principles.

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Solution Summary

This solution is a 20 page MBA Level Capstone Project Research Example. The research is on Target Stores and is done in APA format. This example solution is to be used by MBA students who are having trouble grasping the complexity and level of detail that is required in a Capstone research work. The format of this research is in APA format with over 10 references and web pages used to validate the research findings. It consists of in depth financial data current through 2014 for Target.