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Conjoint Analysis

Must also generate questions. These are some examples.

1. What is the specific purpose or objective of your management research project?
In some cases, you may address an organizational issue or problem that has confronted you in your workplace setting. Alternatively, you may see the Capstone Project as an opportunity to explore some opportunity for change that might be contemplated within your organization. As an entrepreneur, you may wish to formalize the development of a business or marketing plan for your new or ongoing enterprise. Finally, as a management trainer, you may wish to develop a case study around a specific organizational problem or situation.
2. Organizationally, what departments or business units are to be investigated or researched?
In developing the research question or issue to be studied, it is important that you give attention to the scope and breadth of your proposed Capstone Project. You may limit your focus to a particular department or activity within the organization where you have chosen to conduct your research. In other cases, you may find it more appropriate to broaden your inquiry to the company or organization as a whole. Industry or sector analyses may also be considered or you could choose to undertake your research through a sampling of a particular group of companies or organizations.
3. Is your research project one in which specific hypotheses are to be generated and thus to be subjected to proof or verification as an outcome of your study?
Recognizing that hypotheses are simply propositions or assertions made as a basis for investigation to determine whether they can be proven by the collection and analysis of data and factual material, you should consider whether your proposed Capstone Project would be an appropriate one for hypothesis generation.
4. Do you know the possible outcomes of your management research project from the start?
In some of the projects, you may be able to initially identify all possible outcomes or alternatives in advance but simply not be able to determine the specific outcome until the completion of your research study. In other situations, it may not be possible for you to identify all alternatives until you have completed your research.
5. For whom is the research project being undertaken?
You are initiating this Capstone Project to meet the course requirements for your GU graduate degree. However, you may have a specific target in mind that you may expect to benefit from your research efforts. Perhaps it is your manager, your department or strategic business unit, or the company as a whole. If you have undertaken a project related to personal or entrepreneurial interest, then it may be you, or your investor associates or financial partners, who are the major beneficiaries of the results of your Capstone Project.

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1. What is the specific purpose or objective of your management research project?
The purpose of this project is to address an organization issue that is currently being faced by the HR department of XXX Company. There is a huge dissatisfaction amongst employees related to their training and development. HR plans to identify the cause of dissatisfaction and then tailor their training programs appropriately.

2. Organizationally, what departments or business ...

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