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Global Communication Evaluate the website of Wal-Mart

Need assistance in developing an analysis of an international company:

1. Visit the website of an international company.

2. Evaluate the websites effectiveness in communicating the companys message to different cultures.

3. Submit an analysis of the website's effectiveness that includes comments on items such as word choice, structure, visual appeal, use of color, use of graphics, and spacing.

4. Explain what tools or criteria you used to evaluate the effectiveness of the website. Include a copy of your tools or criteria with your paper.

Please use APA and include any references.

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ANSWERS A website analysis

In a nutshell, Walmart's website aims to communicate the company's commitment to saving people money so they can live better (Wal-Mart Stores, Inc, 2010, p. 4). Moreover, the website is also one of the several media that the retail giant uses in earning the trust of its "customers every day by providing a broad assortment of quality merchandise and services at everyday low prices" (Wal-Mart Stores, Inc, 2010, p. 4). This research paper aims to evaluate the effectiveness of in communicating these messages to different cultures and customer groups.

In evaluating the effectiveness of, the following criteria were used:

1. Overall website design - this criterion takes into account several issues such as does the website have an effective landing page? Is the website's design attractive to the target audience? Does the website have a standard and consistent design throughout all the site's pages? Are the web pages consistent, well-organized and free from clutter? Were the media used in presenting contents add to the user experience rather than detract to it? Is the website's purpose immediately clear upon arrival? Can the intended audience immediately get the big picture as to what is being offered by the site?

2. Content - in evaluating the website under this criterion the following questions have to be answered. Are the contents relevant, useful and meaningful to the intended audience? Is the content updated timely and is current? Is the content presented in a variety of ways to meet the individual differences of the intended audience? Were text, graphics, photographs, ...

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