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Opportunity Analysis Communications

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In the IMC (Integrated Marketing Communications) Plan, compare and contrast the different types of value networks and distribution channels, determine the optimal combination of marketing tools based on market conditions and a selected target market, and differentiate between quantifiable and non-quantifiable marketing tools for WALMART. 750 word count
The IMC campaign for WAL-MART should include:

Opportunity Analysis (include charts, graphs, diagrams, and summaries)
a) Competitive Analysis
b) Value chain analysis (distribution)
c) Opportunity analysis
d) Product life-cycle analysis
e) Customer analysis
f) Target market analysis
g) Market segmentation
h) Pricing and distribution

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Integrated Marketing Communication Plan of Wal-Mart

Integrated Marketing Communication Plan
The main purpose behind developing an integrated marketing communication plan for Wal-Mart is to fulfill the requirement of wide range customer at a single time and aware them about the products and services of the company (Welcome to Wal-Mart Station, 2009).
The integrated marketing communication plan of Wal-Mart includes competitive analysis, value chain analysis, opportunity analysis, product life cycle analysis, customer analysis, product life-cycle analysis, customer analysis, target market analysis, market segmentation, pricing and distribution (Kotler, 2002). All these factors are associated with the effective IMC plan and effective utilization of these factors help the organization to fulfill the demands and requirements of the customers on time (Welcome to Wal-Mart Station, 2009). There are various quantifiable and non quantifiable tools among all these elements that are used by the company to develop an IMC plan to communication the business objective to its consumers as well as its employees. Some quantifiable tools of the company are as follow:
Competitive Analysis: Wal-Mart is a big name and there are numerous competitors of the company in the retail industry at national and international level. Before making the IMC plan for the organization it is necessary for the management to evaluate the competitor's strategies. At the regional level the competitors of the company are Howard's and Duckwall-ALCO, Roses, etc. and at the national level are K-Mart, Sears, Kohl's, Target, etc. (Kotler, 2002). It is necessary for the company to develop a better plan rather than its competitors to create a competitive advantage in the ...

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