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    Global Communications Gap Analysis

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    Based of the following attachment, how can I determine where the gap begins? How can I close the gap between the current situation and the end state goals?

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    Gap Analysis: Global Communications

    The world is being brought closer together through emerging technologies. Global Communications desires to expand into the international market and in doing so cut costs while increasing revenue. The current state of affairs within Global does not allow for that to happen. However, management has adopted some bold ideas in layoffs, outsourcing, and partnerships. These moves can be a solid indicator that Global is prepared to move to the next level, but they must be careful to fully identify the steps they will be taking or they could end up with one foot in the hole.

    Situation Analysis

    Issue and Opportunity Identification
    Global Communications is currently looking to expand to a global market within three years. In order to be competitive they will need to look at adding services and customer solutions. Basically, Global Communications wants to capture a share of the international telecommunications market. The opportunity is there for Global to meet this vision. In order to do so, Global will have to make changes in their ways of doing business. Prior to looking in the global market, Global Communications will have to deal with the local competition.

    Instead of relying on a simple communications package for their local subscribers, Global has entered into agreements with a satellite provider and a wireless provider. These agreements provide Global with the opportunity to not only keep customers, but go out and attract new ones. Looking at this opportunity is a two-fold approach: residential and business. By creating multi-service telecommunication solutions Global can effectively compete at the local level and start to look around the world in a global sense of service.

    Global Communications is also faced with cutting costs and increasing their presence in the global marketplace. This situation has created concerns among Union officials and employees alike. Union employees ...

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