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Global Staffing vs Domestic Staffing: Issue Comparison

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It is fair to say that some of the issues in staffing for local assignments are the same for international assignments. However, there are significant differences as well. In this discussion, we want to focus on the similarities and differences and consider how we can address the challenges of global staffing.

*Discuss global staffing issues.
*Compare global staffing issues with domestic staffing issues.

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Global staffing issues include cultural variances which may vary significantly from the "home" headquarters. These variances may present issues such as language barriers, where current personnel who must engage with those globally are not fluent in different languages. Communications may be blurred where the message is not clear; or misunderstood and delivered improperly. Also, there are societal norms that may present staffing issues such as how certain individuals ...

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This solution is about 300 words and explains the issues faced when staffing globally versus domestically. Some issues are the same; such as a vast majority of the workforce entering retirement age (The Baby Boomers). Others are different, such as political and legal variances.

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