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    What are the major staffing policies that global organizations must consider? How must an organization choose among these staffing policies? How do you assess the effect of implementing a specific staffing policy?

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    // Globalization has thrown open many avenues for Organizations, beyond their geographic boundaries. For becoming a global success; it is important for the Companies to hire right person for the right job. In this paper, we will discuss various 'International Staffing Policies' that are followed by Companies, what determines these choices of staffing policies and their impacts on the business.//


    With globalization, many countries are branching out to different countries to reap benefits of lucrative avenues. The people, who work at these branches for these companies, have crucial role to play for success of the organization on foreign shores, as the owner cannot be present physically to monitor the work. Thus, personnel management becomes vital for a firm for achieving global growth; especially, at the key management positions (On Expatriate Staffing Policies, 2009). The major staffing policies adopted by MNCs, the criteria for choosing a particular staffing policy and its impact have been discussed below.

    // After laying down a foundation by establishing the importance of personnel management at global level; we move on with our discussion on various types of 'Staffing Policies' that are followed by Companies at the international level. First, we will list different staffing policies.//

    Staffing Policies for Global Organization

    There are four types of staffing policies, which have been identified namely; Ethnocentric, Polycentric, Geocentric and Regiocentric.

    The Ethnocentric Orientation

    Ethnocentric organizations are home country orientated. All its key employees at headquarters and subsidiaries are filled by employees from the parent ...

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    The response address the queries posted in 1028 words with references