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Risk Factors of Global Communications

In light of the swift accrual of the most advanced global communications technology and the rapid adoption by overseas employee cohorts of technical expertise in global communications, American entities expose themselves to potential risks when they invest in overseas global operations.

The purpose of this analysis is to discuss the possible outcomes of entering into strategic alliances with potential overseas competitors, and evaluate the risks inherent with these options.

Research Question
How might the explosion of information technology and the incredible advances in global communications pose significant risks to American global organizations as they expand in the international environment?

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The attached analysis discusses the risk components inherent in global ...

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The solution presents an analysis of risk factors inherent in global business communications; APA format, 13 pages; 10 references. Areas of discussion include: Real-Time Requirements, Business Model Topology, Transaction Isolation, Transmission and Operating Efficiency, Alliances, Disaster Recovery and Contingency Planning