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Risk Management Plan Proposal - AT&T

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Write 500 Words on AT&T in your own words from outside sources about the background of the organization (AT&T) and about Risk identification.

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Risk Management Plan

Background of the Organization (AT&T)
AT&T is the principal supplier of local, long distance telephone services in the United States. It also serves up digital subscriber line Internet access. This company is the second largest provider of wireless services in the United States. It has approximately 77 million wireless customers. Its total customers are more than 150 million (AT&T Company Description, 2009). The foundation of the company was done in the year 1876, when Alexander Graham Bell excogitated the telephone.
From the day of its foundation, the brand AT&T has become identical with the most excellent, most consistent telephone service all over the world. In the year 1984, with an agreement among the previous AT&T and the U.S. Department of Justice, it corresponded to part from itself from its local telephone procedures but keep hold of its long distance, R&D and manufacturing subdivisions. From these entire placements, SBC Communications Inc. was intuitive, which was ...

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The solution examines risk management plan proposal for AT&T and risk identification.

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