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    Globa lCommunications Gap Analysis

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    2. Global Communications Gap Analysis
    Using the Gap Analysis Template, prepare a 1,050-1,750-word paper in which you complete Table 1, Table 2, and Table 3 and perform a gap analysis for Global Communications. Be sure to incorporate appropriate citations from your readings.

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    Below and attached are comprehensive answers (same answers in 2 different formats) to your question on a Gap Analysis for Global Communications. If you also need one for US Auto please post a separate problem for that one.

    Please Note: Please remember that this is a study guide and to use it as such. You still need to put the paper in your own words. This has 2,658 words, which is well over the word limit of 1,050-1,750 that you need. This means you can summarize, and paraphrase the information to fit your needs but I would advise that you do not turn it in word for word as your own work or you risk plagiarism. I would also suggest putting the table information into the tables your instructor provided as mine are in a slightly different format.
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    Gap Analysis: Global Communications
    The challenges of today's global business arena are legion. Much like emergency room doctors, effective managers must carefully, yet quickly and accurately analyze each situation, diagnose the correct problem and proceed to apply the correct solution. In this fast-paced, challenge wrought environment managers and the business organizations under their leadership have to make critical decisions on a routine basis. Making the correct decisions is essential to the survival of these operations, much in the same way that the survival of an emergency room patient depends on the correct diagnosis and treatment of an emergency room trauma. Just as emergency room doctors are successful in making correct diagnoses only when they follow a step-by-step diagnosis model, business managers can only identify the correct problems to solve, among the many they may face when they use the 9-step problem-solving model in correct order. Progressing in the correct order through the model will effectively guide managers toward identifying the correct problem, the most suitable available alternatives, and will ultimately help them in the implementation or execution of solutions. In the 9-step model begins this process by first describing the situation the at hand. A case in point is a complex business challenge at Global Communications (GC).
    Situation Analysis
    GC has been struggling to maintain its market share because of increased competition in the telecommunications industry as well as from cable companies who offer complete home and small business communications packages including internet service, television and land and cell telephone services. As a result, the company has seen a significant 50% depreciation in its stock value in the past three years alone. Presently GC is not prepared to compete with the complete packages that the cable companies are offering. To help the company recover its financial health, members of the GC management team have formulated a strategic and aggressive globalization initiative which entails expansion of GC's service offerings and implementing cost-cutting measures (UOPOa, 2006).
    To overcome these challenges, GC must perform an in-depth analysis of this situation, identify the issues and opportunities available, and implement the most appropriate course of action (UOPOa, 2006).

    Issue Identification
    GC faces several issues and concerns, which it must address appropriately and in a timely manner. The company's primary problem appears to be its struggling financial health evident in the astonishing 50% reduction in GC's stock value in the past three years during which time the telecommunication industry has also lost significant market share to cable companies (UOPOa, 2006).
    The causes of this problem appear to be increased competition in the telecommunications industry and limited service offerings by GC rendering it unable to stand up to this competition. Additionally, labor costs have been steadily increasing, affecting the company's profitability.
    Secondly the company's attempt to solve its primary problem succeeded only in exposing and/or creating an additional set of second-tier problems including, poor employee morale, a problematic relationship with the union, and a lack of technical sophistication rendering the company unable to offer a diverse portfolio of services. The poor employee morale resulted from GC's announced layoffs, unfavorable compensation and benefit modification, and the company's announcement of outsourcing the jobs to India and Ireland. GC's troubled relationship with the Union began when the company negotiated a sharp 10% pay cut and 20% ...

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    This is the first three steps of a 9-step problem solution, including a Gap Analysis for Global Communications, a fictitious company.