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    Gap Inc.

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    Please help me with the following:

    Analyze the external environment of Gap. Inc.

    Perform an Industry Analysis using Porter's Five Forces Model

    Analyze some factors of the Macro environment

    Identify Threats and Opportunities

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    //Before conducting an external analysis and competitive analysis for the firm, we have to understand the nature of business and its operating environment. We should know that in what kind of industry the business is running and what types of services it is providing to the customers. We will write about the business under the heading of company's name, for example: //

    Gap Inc.

    Gap Inc. is the leading specialty retailers in the world with approximately 3,139 stores in different countries like United States, Canada, the United Kingdom, France, Ireland, and Japan etc. Under the recognized brand names of Banana Republic, Gap, Old Navy and Piperlime, the company sells its accessories, casual apparel and personal care products for men, women, and children. The external analysis of Gap Inc. Includes the factors related to the macroeconomic issue, socio-cultural changes, changes in the legislation and technological changes as well as the changes in the company's competitive position or market place (Gap Inc., 2008).

    //Above we discuss about Gap Inc., now we will talk about the external analysis of the company. I am explaining various factors that are included in the external environmental analysis of a firm. This will guide to conduct an analysis for Gap Inc., for example. //

    Analysis of the external environment of Gap Inc.:

    Gap is a US based retail company, so there are number of competitors which affect the company's external business through many ways. Many retail companies who have their stores in the same cities make some threat for Gap. They are facing a cut-throat competition to sustain their existence with the growth and increased profit margin. Gap is spending heavily on advertising to capture the large share of market. It has some external benefits, which are related to its customer Mindset. One ...

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