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Branding Strategies and Fashion Companies

Select a fashion company that has multiple brands. Describe their brand portfolio and brand hierarchy. How would you improve their branding strategies?

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Hi there! Below are my notes and musing from when I actually worked at Gap. I hope you find them helpful.

I thought of Gap, Inc. immediately for this example because I worked at Gap for extra money during the Christmas holiday around the year 2000. I was obtaining a bachelor's degree in the business field at this time. As such, I was paying more attention than the typical seasonal employee normally would to their branding strategies and business model. Here is what I learned.

At the time (around the year 2000), the stores that were attached to the parent company Gap, Inc. were, Gap, Old Navy, and Banana Republic. The fact these stores were in any way connected was news to me at the time, which tells me that Gap, Inc didn't always do such a great job of connecting these brands. The concept is brilliant though. Old Navy - cheapest; Gap - middle of the road; Banana Republic - most expensive.

Gap is the middle of the road, cool, hip store for the everyman. Even if Gap is more expensive than you prefer, if you kept an eye on their sales and clearance items, you could typically find good deals. Gap can also be broken down into other brands such as the super cute Baby Gap, which not ...

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