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Consumer Management

To improve consumer relationship and gain an advantage over its competitors, a company may address any or all of the following areas:
? Process designs
? Distribution channels
? Branding
? Advertising strategies
Focusing on the above areas, analyze the consumer management strategies adopted by McDonald's versus those adopted by hospitals

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//The given discussion is related to the concept of consumer management. In this series in the first section of the discussion paper, the meaning of the consumer management is explained in detail. There are four areas in which consumer management can be made improved.//

Consumer Management

Consumer management refers to the management of consumers by satisfying their requirements. Different organizations use various strategies to attract the customers, expand their market share and satisfy the customers' needs. McDonald's and hospitals use various consumer management strategies.

//The analysis of the major areas is done in the context of the McDonald and hospital industry. In this series, out of the four areas the two are explained in the given segment, which is process design and distribution channel.//

The areas that help in improving customer relationship are as follows:

Process Designs: Process design refers to the design of processes that occur in an organization. All the organizations must have a proper design of all processes to be followed. A proper process design helps an organization to manage its consumers on time. Companies have to improve their processes to run with the pace of changing environment. McDonald's has a set process design all over the world. It helps McDonald's to build a sense of originality of fast food among the customers.

Hospitals also need a proper design of all the process to provide a feeling of satisfaction to its patients. There should be a proper planning of every process so that the ...

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The response address the queries posted in 710 words with reference