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Consumer Experience and Engagement

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How is consumer experience a construct of consumer engagement? Suggest some literature to support it.

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Consumer Experience as a construct of consumer engagement
Some researchers Consumer Experience to internal marketing wherein the companies who are able to engage the hearts and minds of the employees are able to create an experience to live with the brand thereby employees creating a greater consumer engagement (Mitchell, 2012: Jan. 30). This also means that the consumer engagement is a resultant of consumer experience which is created through events and happenings around the brand and creating consumer experience through various touch points from the level of purchase consideration to evaluation to making a purchase decision by the consumer and this is all about turning on the prospect to brand idea which is enhanced by the happenings or events around the brand (Mitchell, 2012: Jan. 30). Experience occurs as an outcome of a person's interactions with the environmental ...

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The solution provides insight into a literature review which supports the fact that consumer experience is a construct of consumer engagement.

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