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    Consumer/Customer Engagement Measures

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    What is meant by consumer engagement? How do we measure it/what are its major dimensions?

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    Please find attached major dimensions of Consumer/Customer Engagement as available in literature.

    Major Consumer Engagement Dimensions
    Consumer Engagement is the intensity of consumer's participation and connection with organization's offering and/or organized activities. (Vivek, 2009). Consumer Engagement comprises of following dimensions: (Vivek, 2009)
    1. Awareness: Being conscious of and having knowledge of the focus of engagement
    2. Enthusiasm: Strong excitement or zeal about the focus of engagement
    3. Interaction: To share ideas, feelings or thoughts about the focus of engagement with others.
    4. Activity: Actions focused on the programme or offering the person is engaged on
    5. Extraordinary Experience: Sense of newness of perception and process.
    "Engagement is an estimate of the degree and depth of visitor interaction on the site against a clearly defined set of goals" (Eric Peterson). Consumer interaction has been further identified to be associated with interaction as John Livington, a senior partner at Mckinsey spoke in a presentation on consumer engagement at Kellogg's Marketing Leadership summit in November 2013 that consumer engagement is being influenced by the interaction between consumer and the organization and therefore, Chief Marketing Officers need to be replaced by Chief Engagement Officers (McKinsey & Co., 2013: n.d). This interaction becomes prominent with the increased adoption and usage of the technology. To support this fact, Anurag Banerjee, Head of Sales and Managing Director, APAC ...

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