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    Balanced Scorecard Perspectives

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    determine ur organizations 4 quadrants

    find an organization comparable to yours,

    do their 4 quadrants

    organization NOT comparable to yours

    do their 4 quadrants

    compare them all,

    identify everyones metrics,
    how they are the same and not the same?
    how will you fix those that are under performing?

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    Balance Scorecard

    Table of Contents
    Balance Scorecard of Walmart 3
    Balance Scorecard for Starbucks (Comparable with Walmart) 5
    Balance Scorecard of Coco-Cola (Not Comparable with Walmart) 7
    Identification of Matrices 9
    Fixation of underperforming indicator 9
    Reference 10

    Balance Scorecard of Walmart
    Perspective Strategic Objective Performance Measures Targets Initiative
    Financial • To increase total revenue and total assets
    • Increase the return on investment • Total revenue
    • Return on investment • Increase revenue/asset by 8% during the next year
    • Improve return on investment by 2% every year unto next 3 year
    • Increase revenue by increase in assets
    • Reduce the operating cost
    • Achieve the economy of scale
    Customer • Increase the size of customers
    • Reduction in the customer complaints • Consumer rating
    • Customers complaints Increase in the rating of customer by 10%
    Reduce the complaints by 4% in every year Improve the quality control
    Improve customer service
    Internal • Reduce the lead time of online delivery
    • Reduce the waiting time of customer at their counters (Grant, 2010). • Average time taken in delivery
    • Average waiting time • Reduce the delivery time by 5% in every year
    • Reduce the waiting time by 15% in every year • Use automatic packing system
    • Change in the layout of stores
    Learning & Growth • Reduce the rate of employee turnover rate
    • Increase the use employee feedback • Turnover rate of employee
    • Index of ...

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    This tutorial about different perspectives of the balanced scorecard for a selected company. Also, two other companies balanced scorecard are presented and compared.