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    Long-Term Business Objectives

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    Using the objectives below discuss how those objectives apply to Abercrombie & Fitch or any Fashion industry. How has it struggled or succeeded relative to those objectives.

    -Estimate the sustainability of long-term business operations.
    -Explain how the global market affects business strategy.
    -Construct a long-term strategic management plan for sustaining organizational performance.

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    The sustainability of long term business operations of fashion companies such as Gap looks quite strong. For example, Gap has been able to report a turnaround this year with strong growth in sales. The strategies pursued by the company for its brands such as Gap and Banana Republic has proved to be successful. The company has succeeded in terms of addressing competitive threats from global brands such as Zara. The sustainability of such performance can be ensured only if Gap continues to innovate and adapt to changing market conditions in an effective manner. Fashion ...

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    Discusses application of business objectives to Abercrombie and Fitch and Gap.