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    SWOT Analysis: Long term and Short term plans

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    Using the SWOT and Environmental Scanning attached consider the following:
    Analyzes long-term professional objectives.
    Analyzes long-term financial objectives.
    Analyzes the skills necessary to achieve long-term professional objectives. Skills needed to industrial change, and what you need to be able to grow with it.
    Analyzes how industry trends determine change.
    Analyzes the human resources available to achieve long-term objectives. What resources do I need to help achieve a 5-year objective?
    Explains/develop a short-term plan to achieve long-term objectives. (what is needed that will help meyear/monthly weekly etc..to accomplish a 5 year short -term objective?
    strategies to overcome obstacles to achieve long-term objectives that may occur along the way

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    // SWOT refers to the critical components that analyze the strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats of an individual or an organization. The environmental scanning refers to the observation of internal, as well as, external environment for determining the possible opportunities and threats. In this regard, the further discussion will shed light on the analysis of long-term professional and financial objectives, as well as, determining appropriate strategies to attain the objectives.Moreover, The section also reflects the lights on the situation in which long term goals of an organization gets conflicted with the short term goal//

    SWOT analysis can prove to be helpful in analyzing the long-term professional objectives of an individual. With the help of SWOT analysis, an individual can carefully evaluate his/her key strengths and weaknesses, which will help in determining an individual's interests, potential and abilities, as well as, the scope for improvement and development (Wagner, 2015). The SWOT analysis helped in determining and discovering my strengths, which are high confidence, communication skills, and wide knowledge base; whereas, it also helped me in knowing the improvement areas by determining my weaknesses. The weaknesses identified with the help of SWOT are public speaking skills, organization skills, and low concentration. The SWOT analysis helped me in setting my long-term professional objectives by reviewing my existing skills and evaluating the gaps in my skill sets that need to be improved or developed (Wagner, 2015). The opportunities such as knowledge expansion and skill enrichment, and the threat such as changing technology help the individual to formulate the long-term objectives with regard to skill development and knowledge expansion.

    The long-term financial objectives of an organization can be determined by thorough examination of the internal strengths and weakness, as well as, careful scanning of the internal and external environment of the organization. The environmental scanning will help in retrieving, monitoring, analyzing and dispersing the information obtained from the internal and external environment (Schulz, 2002). The scanning will help us to determine the targets and objectives for financial performance after a careful analysis of the external and internal environment by monitoring the market position, economic conditions, industry environment, internal strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats. These tools of analysis will help in determining the loopholes that influence the ...

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    The long term and short term plans as outlined in SWOT analysis. The response addresses the query posted in 1225 words with APA references.