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Business Strategy for an Organization

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In an 800 word paper and discuss steps an organization should take to insure that strategy is implemented. Address both short term and long term execution and use at least one example (successful or otherwise) from your professional experience.

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Strategy is basically planning and pooling resources for efficiencient use in order to achieve a desired end in the future and is derived from the Greek word stratos which means guiding.

To ensure that an organization implements its formulated strategy, there are various steps that it can take. One step involves setting a time frame within which the strategy will be achieved .The organization can use the strengths, weakness, opportunities and threats (SWOT) - analysis. Conducting a SWOT analysis is an important strategic step for every organization as it enables it to review its internal strengths and weaknesses vis a vis its external threats and opportunities. The SWOT analysis is especially useful in ensuring that organizations are able to keep tab with their performance as well as remain relevant within the industry. Many firms that fail to conduct a SWOT analysis quickly find themselves becoming obsolete and being overtaken by competition within the marketplace.

Another important aspect in the ensuring that strategy does get implemented involves the utilization of effective communication. Effectively communicating the strategy to the employees who will actually implement the new strategy is paramount if they are to meet and exceed an organization's expectations. Communicating the ...

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