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Organisational Strategy and HR Management

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What are the necessary conditions for determining a business strategy in an organisation?

How can organisations work to include HR issues within a business strategy?

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This solution provides information regarding conditions for determining business strategy and HR's role in assisting with determining business strategies while addressing business issues that might affect strategy.

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There are a number of conditions to consider when determining the best business strategy for an organization. First and foremost, it is necessary to determine the reasons for changing strategy... Why is a change necessary? It is essential to determine this aspect before proceeding further.
A number of business analysts have tried to determine the best conditions to examine when determining a business's strategy. One article that I constantly reference is listed at this website: http://ecoggins.hubpages.com/hub/Business-Strategy-7-Keys-to-Competitive-Advantage.
Below, I am providing you with a list of questions of conditions to consider, along with reasoning, when determining business strategy. Remember, some conditions include: organizational culture, employee buy-in, organizational climate, organizational profitability, timeline, etc.
1. What is the current status of the ...

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