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HR: Procedures and Policies

1. Describe an organisational culture and its impact on the management of Human Resources and:
a) Why it is important to recognise the balance between life, work and stress
b) The potential impact of changing work patterns on your organisation
c) The requirement to operate within the legislative HR framework
d) Where and when to seek and use advice from appropriate professionals.

2. a) Illustrate and comment upon an organisational processes for recruitment, selection and redeployment, making reference to:
i. equal opportunities
ii. confidentiality
iii. consultation
iv. the legal framework
v. influences on the HR decision.

b) Identify and agree on the people (number, knowledge and skills) required to meet your departmental/functional needs in line with organisational objectives.

3. Explain an organisational values and policies relevant to grievance, discipline and dismissal, identifying:
a) the roles and responsibilities of individuals involved
b) where support and advice may be required and obtained
c) the need to inform others of actions and outcomes
d) the importance of maintaining comprehensive and accurate records

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I have used the perspective of a non-profit organization in describing the processes for hiring and selection, while integrating eoe, confidentiality, consultation and the legal framework. Recognize that this presents one organization's perspective and policies.