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Equity and Debt - BJ Wholesale Club

What are the activities and structure in BJ Wholesale Club and what are 2 projects and/or events that need investment?

What would be the best source of funding for each project/event? Why?

Your explanation is the most important part of this paper. You should include references to the background materials or other articles and a discussion of the main concepts of this module as they relate to your choice of funding.

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Source of Funding & Its Appropriateness


BJ's Wholesale club is one of the leading warehouse club operator, which offers foods and general merchandises to its customers. It provides high quality and brand name food and general merchandise to its retail customers. The primary business activities of BJ's are operated in US and it is headquartered in Massachusetts. It provides employment to about 22,000 people. The revenue for the current fiscal year was recorded $10,027.4 million, which is 11.2% more than the previous year (BJ's Wholesale Club, Inc. - SWOT Analysis, 2010).

Business Structure & Activities

Organizational structure of a business can be defined as the collaboration ad contribution of different entities in order to accomplish the organizational goals. The organizational structure allocates the responsibility to different entities for different functions and processes. The BJ Wholesale Club has a functional organizational structure, which causes the proper movement of information among different departments. Then it includes managers for each department such as finance manager, HR manager, etc. The business structure of BJ ...

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In about 700 words and 3 references, this solution discusses BJ Wholesale Club as a company, including its business structure and activities. A current project and long term project of the company is also given, along with what source of funding would be best suited to those projects