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    Organizational Strategic Goals

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    1.Can you explain strategies that you feel might be used to define, prioritize, and meet short-term goals (1-4 years) for an organization such as the American Red Cross?
    2.How the goals would support flexibility in an ever-evolving world. Can you explain strategies that you suggest might be used to define, prioritize, and meet your organization's long-term goals (15-20 years).
    If you would please, provide scholarly reference to be reviewed. Thanking you in advance for your assistance

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    For an organization such as American Red Cross, one of the top strategies to define, prioritize and meet short term goals is to conduct extensive environmental scanning such as SWOT analysis and then formulate as well as prioritize short term goals that supports the long term goals and objectives of the ...

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    This solution of 183 words discusses ways to define and prioritizing short and long term goals of an organization. It illustrates the concept of goals through a case study of the American Red Cross. References used are included.