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    Utilize planning to ensure organizational goals are met

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    1) How does your organization utilize planning to ensure that organizational goals are met?

    2) Can organizations over-plan (meaning planning without implementation)? Why or why not?

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    //Before writing about the implementation of planning in the organization, we have to understand one of the main management functions of an organization, which is planning. We will also discuss about the utilization of planning by an organization for attaining the organizational goals and objectives. With the assistance of the planning process, an organization becomes able in defining realistic goals.//


    Planning is the most important function among all the management functions. All the organizations do planning for the achievement of their organizational goals. Organizations have two types of goals; short-term goals and long-term goals (Luthans, 1998). It is the natural tendency of organizational strategic planning to include organizational goals in it. By assessing the overall ...

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