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    Marketing/Branding/Pricing/Distribution Strategy

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    1.Create the domestic and global product branding strategy.
    2.Determine and detail the optimum pricing strategy.
    3.Examine how your pricing strategy supports your branding strategy.
    4.Prepare a distribution channel analysis identifying the wholesaler, distributor, and retailer relationships (include any e-Commerce as well).
    5.Discuss whether a push or pull strategy will be used, justify your rationale.
    6.Discuss how the distribution strategy fits the product / service, target market, and overall marketing strategy for the company
    7.Support your marketing plan with at least two (2) reference sources that discuss the nature of the assignment

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    1.Create the domestic and global product branding strategy.

    The domestic and global branding strategy for my scarf company is to marry luxury and art together to create collectible scarves. I count on customers to buy a scarf based on its beauty and then buy other scarves to complete the collection. This branding strategy is tied into the business model of selling quality products to customers who appreciate good design. This will help the company be consistent in their brand marketing and communications. Our target consumer is the upscale, fashion conscious female with disposable income. We will connect with customers through social media, as well as engaging upscale customers through key partnerships with other luxury brands. In order to reward and cultivate customers we will incentivize multiple purchases and collectibles by offering limited editions of our product to customers. In this way there will be incentive for customers to buy more than one scarf at a time and collect them all. In addition, we will collect customers' e-mail addresses so that we can announce new collections. We will further incentivize customers to connect with us through Twitter and Facebook by remaining active on these sites through company news and information updates. Most importantly, we will measure our activity to ensure that we are gaining sales, increasing our customer base, and improving our branding strategy. To do this we can check our marketing analytics at the start of each campaign to ensure that our company website has enough compelling content to attract consumers, as well as turn these consumers into customers. We will also keep track of competitors: not just other scarf companies but also other accessory companies in general to ensure we are staying ahead ...

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    This thorough solution creates a domestic and global product branding strategy, complete with reasoning for optimal pricing strategy, a distribution channel analysis, discussion of whether to use a push or pull strategy, and how to distribute the product based upon the target market. It includes APA formatted references.