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Global Gadgets Imports: Marketing Report

The marketing plan Powerpoint includes the following marketing areas:

Profiling -
You have already learned from the previous work some of the characteristics of the Target Market and its various segments (with descriptions of the lifestyles and demographics of the segments). To address the need for Market Research, you will recommend to GGI that a focus group be held to gain further insight into the target customer. In your report, include at least 5 questions you would ask the focus group attendees and why you would ask these particular questions. You will want to make sure the Profiling section is consistent with your recommendations for packaging, pricing, placement, partnerships, and promotions.

Packaging -
GGI is considering re-packaging their imported products to promote a strong brand image. Develop a good solid branding strategy. Be sure to tie in your packaging strategy with your branding strategy. The more specific your brand names and slogans, the better. Give your recommendations, including the pros and cons to your approach. Be sure to support your suggestions and ideas with sound marketing theory or quantitative data. Your branding and packaging recommendations must tie in with the rest of the plan.

Pricing -
Research on the Internet for articles on pricing strategies. Based on your research and your profiling findings, provide various alternatives for pricing strategies that should be considered, as well as which option you think is best. Make sure your pricing strategy recommendations tie in with the rest of the plan.

Placement -
GGI wants to re-evaluate their distribution/placement system. As you provide a list of distribution alternatives, you have a couple of considerations to address:

You have 11 stores with more opening soon. Where will the new stores be located?
How do you get the product to the customer? If you are going to influence an action, you have to provide product to buy.
Be sure to address the e-business side of this scenario (selling product through a website).
Partnership -
GGI does not have a large marketing budget and would like to seek cooperative marketing opportunities. We need to do all we can to get our "Branding Strategy" (see Packaging section) visible as soon as possible. We could prosper by partnering with existing businesses that already have brand recognition. Be sure to support your suggestions with sound marketing theory.

Promotion -
Put together a sample marketing campaign plan, which includes many forms of marketing such as digital promotions (i.e., e-marketing via website, email) and non-digital promotions (i.e., direct mail, print advertising, in-store signage). In this plan, cover the relevance of each to GGI and its target market, the importance of timing, and how these different elements work together to reinforce a message.

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