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What is GAP analysis?

What is a GAP analysis? Why is it important to the ISO planning process? How has a GAP analysis helped or lack of a GAP analysis hindered healthcare organization ISO planning process?

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A GAP Analysis is a management tool for determining the steps to be taken by an organization to move from the present state to a target future state. The gap is the space between the present state and the desired state. When a company attempts to bridge the space or gap by highlighting which requirements are met and which are not, it is performing a gap analysis. A gap analysis provides a basis or framework in measuring the time, money and human resources needed to achieve the target state or outcome. In information technology, gap analysis serves as an evaluation tool that assists in identifying the differences between the information systems or applications. In software development, it identifies the functions that have been unintentionally left out, also those intentionally eliminated and those which need to be developed. In compliance, a gap analysis compares legal requirements with what the company has done. A business gap analysis helps the company achieve ...

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