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    Discussing Topics Surrounding Globalization

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    1) What are some of the structural, leadership, and cultural considerations that need to be included in the strategy implementation for a global organization?

    2) How does the nature of marketing change for a global venture or product? What unique challenges face the global marketer? Elaborate on your answer.

    3) How may have any cultural, leadership, and/or structural issues caused this global communications gap? More importantly, what actions would have precluded this communications gap from occurring?

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    1. The culture of each area the company plans to work in is paramount to consider. The communities and their views will mean the success or failure of the venture. Leadership should always be trained to understand the culture of the company and the local areas. Making sure at least a portion of leadership is from the location is also important, since they can help direct and explain local customs and issues. Having this type of help can smooth problems and prevent new issues from occurring. It also shows the local community the company's concern for their welfare and respect for their citizens.

    2. Marketing becomes as much about adapting to the needs and concerns of the market the ...

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