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    Money, Banking and International Finance

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    1. I would like to understand what this truly means and what globalization has to do with financial markets and how they impact the Healthcare.

    When I read this article it seems to be boring. I guess I need examples to understanding what it truly means and maybe it won't seem boring.

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    // The first section of the paper describes about the effect of money on the globalization and its role in the financial markets. The importance and concept of money has been explained in the section properly //


    Money is the basic requirement for the mankind to do most of the daily activities. All human beings need money to perform their life functions and make their lives prosperous. Money is the basic requirement for starting any business and making a running business subsist. Money is needed to facilitate any trade activity in a flexible way and for the development of any civilization. Money is used by all the countries for their economic improvement.

    Money plays various functions which are useful for all kind of financial activities. It determines the price of any commodity or service. Money is an important term for potential business transactions. Loans and other kinds of financial payments are done only in monetary terms. It is used by the people to maintain the value of their wealth (Essential Functions of Money, 2003).

    // After discussing the role of money in the business markets, the next section will focus on discussing about the role of banking in the market. It defines the concept of banking and its importance for business //


    Banks are the confidential units to store money and other valuable things. Banks issue many promises to their clients and pay interest to them. Banking sectors provide credit facilities to the customers and thus generate a lot of profit. Commercial banks publish bank notes, credit letters, deal short-term mercantile paper and admit bills (Functions of Commercial Banks, 2007).

    In all the countries, the central banks control money supply on ...

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