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Qualitative And Quantitive Research Methods In Communication

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What are two quantitative research methods used in communications research?

What are two advantages and two disadvantages for each of the quantitative methods?

What are two qualitative research methods used in communications research?

What are two advantages and two disadvantages for each of the qualitative methods?

What are two practical applications for communications research?

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Qualitative And Quantitive Research Methods used in Communication

Qualitative Research Methods used in Communication
In qualitative communication, in-depth interviews and focus groups are the two major research methods used in communication. Focus group and in-depth interviews are more similar to each other and in focus group, a moderator usually facilitates 2 hour discussion among a set of participants such as 10 (Krippendorff, 2013). The discussion can be conducted via phone or personally. The moderator is usually the manager of the sessions and s/he may ask additional relevant questions to learn more. In communication, this method can be used to develop communication strategies by exploring feasibility of several potential actions, learning about audiences' use of channels, activities and settings. This method can also be used to learn about the feelings, past experiences and motivators related to various television or radio channels in a given broadcasting company. This method of research can also be vital in communication to develop broadcast issues especially for quantitative studies. Focus group has several advantages such ...

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The paper highlights various methods used in both quantitative and qualitative research methods. It also highlights merits and demerits of each method. The paper provide viable examples of instances where qualitative and quantitative research methods are applied

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To prepare for this Discussion:

•Review Chapter 9 in the course text, Research Design and the "Qualitative Methods: Examples" media segment.

•Explain how quantitative and qualitative strategies and methods/procedures are similar and different.

•Determine which kinds of research questions would be served by a qualitative strategy of inquiry and explain why.

•Generalize about the popularity of qualitative methods in your discipline.
With these thoughts in mind:

Provide a comparison of quantitative and qualitative strategies of inquiry.

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