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    What are some method of Qualitative data collection?

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    Methods of data collection are discussed that highlight the strength of qualitative data in addressing research questions involving participants' experiences.

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    Data collection in Qualitative Research
    The literature reveals several approaches in collecting data for qualitative research. As examples, (a) information can be obtained through interviews, (b) case studies, (c) observations, (d) narratives (stories), and (e) focus groups. These approaches will be briefly discussed.
    (a) The interview is a collaborative, communication process that involves listening, empathetic responding and behavioral skills. For example, the importance of listening well is essential to have open communication with the client, and be assured that you fully understand his or her problem. Thus, it is important for the researcher to have good interviewing skills. During the interview process a healthy relationship is established between the interviewer and interviewee. For example, in clinical interviewing, several requirements are suggested: (a) one must know the range of different types of questions, and (b) the interviewer should know how the individual is affected by his or presence (Sommers-Flanagan & R. Sommers-Flanagan, 2003).
    (b) A case study is the method of obtaining information based on an in-depth analysis of the person's thoughts, feelings, or behavior. The case study is often based on archival information designed to obtain information on a specific individual's background, personal and/or ...

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    This solution is focused on major approaches to research in collecting qualitative data. Several methods of data collection are discussed, and explained relative to gathering information to use for qualitative research.