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    Quantitative Data & 3 types of non-experimental method

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    In contrast to the qualitative paradigm, quantitative data is used to answer specific research questions with the aid of statistical analysis. Identify and discuss at least three non-experimental research methods. Define and explain the type of data that would be used in each of your chosen methods.

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    The Quantitative Method

    In the sciences, the qualitative, quantitative and mixed-methods (a combination of the two) are used as a means of doing scientific research under the scientific methodology. Dependent upon the purpose and the nature of the research, scientists and researchers choose which methods are most appropriate to achieve the purposed aim of the study. Qualitative methods is applied when the study requires scientists to mine details about a particular subject matter and they seek emergent theories. In anthropology, history and linguistics for example, qualitative and ethnographic (observer) methods are much preferred. In the natural sciences like biology, chemistry, physics and ...

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