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    Non-Experimental Research Methods

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    Describe how correlational and survey research are used in non-experimental research. Could you use either or both of these two non-experimental methods in your hypothetical study? What types of conclusions can you make, and why? Is it possible to use correlational and survey methods as part of a true experiment? If so, how? Briefly describe how you could do this in your hypothetical research study.

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    Popper is philosophically so uncultured, so fully a primitive ideological brawler, that he is not able even approximately to reproduce correctly the contents of one page of Plato. Reading is of no use to him; he is too lacking in knowledge to understand what the author says Eric Voeglin on Karl Popper and Empirical Methods

    The correlational method is really the heart of statistics. In fact, it is almost the definition of it. The purpose is to show relationships between or among several different variables. The utility of this is clear: regardless of your research method, this approach will give you the facts you need to solidify the argument. So, with our study we can:

    1. Show that teen pregnancy and divorce are important causal mechanisms for social decay.
    2. That the anomie of both elites and masses has reached such a level of pathology that the city spends well over $2 billion on sports stadiums that few urbanites can afford rather than assisting the population. What causes this kind of disconnect from reality?

    3. It could be a) an alienated elite; b) a belief that Detroit is doomed; c) that the people are beyond help; d) that county money is more interesting than city poverty; e) compensation for the fact that the Lions went a whole season without winning a single game (an NFL record); f) The elites have a cynical view of the population, and the population has the identical view of the elites; g) there is no point on spending the money on a population that does not know how ...

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