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Effective Experiment Techniques

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Using true experimental method and based on: The central hypothetical research question proposed for this investigation is: "Do behavioral interventions work for improving outcomes in children with autism?" The hypothesis is as follows: "Behavioral interventions provided in the preschool classroom will improve social interaction skills of children with autism."

Using the hypothetical research as an example, what are some of the advantages of using a true-experiment method versus non experiment method?

Based on the hypothetical research question above, why is it better to use a true experimental method for the researcher so he or she will have mathematical proof rather than just opinion?

Use scholarly sources to support your answers. Cite your sources using APA format.

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One of the keys of utilizing a true experiment method versus a non experimental method is the fact that a true experimental method provides a systematic methodology by which to ascertain as to whether or not the hypothesis can be proven to be true or false. The true experiment method also provides the means by which to be able to ...

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