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    Memory, Learning, and Critical Thinking

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    1. Learning styles and techniques for improving memory
    2. Research and demonstrate your understanding of the learning process using two credible sources.
    3. How are concepts learned?
    4. Compare different learning types.
    5. What is the nature of critical thinking?
    6. Experiment with techniques for improving memory. Provide one strategy that can be used to improve thinking.

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    1. Learning styles and techniques for improving memory
    Different students learn using different learning styles.
    Recall and recognition exercises will enable children and adults alike to see 2what works best for their short term and long term memories.
    The information processing takes place in the following steps: memory formation, encoding, and retrieval. During the memory formation, people will make use of their visual and hearing cues to remember as best and accurately as they can.
    Short term memory becomes latent and transforms into long term memory with the help of revision and practice, as well as its periodic use for future references.
    People who have active sharp memories either make lots of notes in their planners or they remember better also because they take interest in what they remember. So, it stays positively and easily accessible in their memories.
    For students who are more vigilant learners with the aid of visuals, can best remember things by ...

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    Relation between learning, memory and ciritical thinking skills