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    Early Childhood

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    Notes on:
    1. Importance of assessment in the five domains:

    a. Cognitive (Reading and Math concepts);
    b. Social/Emotional;
    c. Language/Communication;
    d. Motor; and
    e. Self-Help/Adaptive.

    Early Childhood

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    First of all, when examining the importance of assessment in the five domains, it is vital to evaluate the core content areas of cognitive abilities as skills in literacy, particularly reading, combine with Math, to instill a strong academic and critical thinking foundation for young learners. In this domain, in general, cognitive assessment looks at how children learn the pre-academic skills that are prerequisites for future studies. Specifically, we can look at how students tend to receive, perceive, process, and retain contents as well as observe how they collect, sort, store, and retrieve information, too.

    By examining intelligence and thinking, we can help to ensure successful academic performances and also screen for special education needs and issues, as well. Memory, sensory and perceptual processes are also investigated. Problem solving proficiency and reasoning skills also fall under this domain and are vital to examine. Memory can also be scrutinized as we can judge how attentional focus is held for a prolonged period. Thus, it is also imperative to assess the cognitive domain to look at how students acquire essential processes and also exhibit higher-order thinking, conceptualization, and reasoning skills.

    Next, in the social/emotional domain, one source further alleges that it's vital to assess:

    VOINEA, M., & DAMIAN, M. (2014). THE ROLE OF SOCIO-EMOTIONAL DEVELOPMENT IN EARLY CHILDHOOD. Journal Plus Education / Educatia Plus, 10(2), 388-392.

    The ...

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