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Perform the following experiments and report your results. Devise the following experiments and report your results.

Devise an Acronym relation to a concept you are having difficult learning. Write it down. Study it for 2 minutes. Come back in one hour. Can you now remember the information? Was this exercise helpful? Compare it to your traditional method of studying difficult material.

1. Create an acrostic to help you remember this grocery list:
Laundry Soap
Plastic Wrap

What is the acrostic which you wrote? Go to a store and place the items from your list into a shopping cart. How many of the items on the were you able to remember ? Based upon your textbook readings, what do you think you could have done to make this experiment more effective?

3. Look up a poem written by Gwendolyn Brooks. Choose one which you have not already memorized . Instead of reading the poem, try to sing the poem to the lyrics of a song you know or a nursery rhyme. Practice it three times. Now either sing it or recite it from memory . How much of the poem were you able to recall?

4. Try to remember this list of 10 items by using the techniques of the Loci method.
Subway train

Walk a route which is familiar to you, for example the route between the parking lot at work and your workstation. Assign one of these items to each of ten locations within the designated route. As you walk the route ,assign an association between the item and the location. It is important that you try to visualize the location. Practice associating the items and the image of the location.Practice associating the items and the image of the location. Now retrace your steps . How many of the ten items are you able to recall?
Write your outcomes about the experiments.

Which of these 4 methods was most helpful to you ? Do you think you will be able to apply these techniques when studying for your degree?

I need help with these experiments. I need ideas and insights. Thank you.

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