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Examples of modern medical experiments

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An institutional review board would never approve the Tuskegee Syphilis Experiment today. What are some examples of medical experiments conducted today? Do you know anyone who has participated in a medical study? Do you know what protections are in place for participants? Describe some of the restrictions that are placed on medical experiments and drug testing in the 21st century. Evaluate the advantages and disadvantages of such restrictions.

Discuss and cite at least three references to support your response.

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Examples of modern medical experiments are provided.

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I was actually a part of the study of the use of Zoloft (sertraline) for those with the symptoms of PTSD. The study was a double blind study and took place in the year 1997 through several major university hospitals. I was part of the Stage 3 Trial. People were given a complete physical and a psychological exam, then if accepted, either given a placebo or the medication over a three month period of time. For two weeks during the study, at random, the participants were given the opposite of their normal medication (placebo was given the Zoloft and vice versa).

What are some examples of medical experiments conducted today?
- Drug testing is a major medical field for experiments. There are new treatments for cancer and pain. Equipment for use to treat conditions of pain, new surgery equipment, and in some areas, laser equipment. MRI's are improved ...

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