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notes for an argumentation essay about Euthanasia

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This source offers notes for an argumentation essay about "Euthanasia."

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As you formulate your own argumentative essay, I offer an outline model based on this template at mail.colonial.net/~soelkers/englishweb/oelkersweb/DLA%20...

I. Introduction

A. Hook: Have you ever read Mary Shelley's classic book, Frankenstein? Like the dangers presented in this text when a scientist plays God and unethically and dangerously experiments with creating and destroying human life, the topic of Euthanasia is almost like a modern day Frankenstein.

B. Briefly state reasons why this topic is important ethically, morally, practically, financially, religiously.

C. Summarize the topic's history briefly.

Here is one article that traces the history briefly:

W. Scott Clark, et al. "Euthanasia And Doctor-Assisted Suicide: Responses By Oncologists And Non-Oncologists." Southern Medical Journal 91.7 (1998): 637-642. Academic Search Premier. Web. 6 Mar. 2012.

1. The author contends that euthanasia has become a major medical-ethical issue "and the focus of intense public debate. This subject has been addressed in several ...

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This solution clearly offers notes for an argumentation essay about "Euthanasia."

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