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Elements of Quantitative and Qualitative Research Reports

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What are three important key elements of a quantitative or qualitative research report? Why? Please provide references.

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This is a response explaining the different and essential aspects of quantitative and qualitative research in a research report.

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Quantitative research is "explaining phenomenon by collecting numerical data that are analyzed using mathematically based methods. We collect numerical data in quantitative research that is closely connected to the final part of the definition: analysis using mathematically based methods. Our data have to be in numerical form in order to be able to use mathematically based methods. This is not for qualitative research. Qualitative data are not necessarily or usually numerical, and cannot be analyzed by using statistics.

The general assumptions of quantitative research are : 1) reality is objective out there and independent of the research; 2) reality is something that can be studied objectively; 3) research should remain distant and independent of what ...

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