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Research Design Review

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Could you please help me determine if this article is quantitative, qualitative, or mixed methods? How do you know? Please help me understand the following questions:

Does the purpose statement begin with signaling words? Add If so, what are they?

Does the purpose statement identify the strategy of inquiry?

If the study is qualitative, does the purpose statement do as follows?
*Focus on a single phenomenon
*Use an action verb to convey how learning will take place
*Use neutral, nondirectional language
*Provide a general working direction of the central phenomenon

If the study is quantitative, does the purpose statement do as follows?
*Identify the independent, dependent, and control variables
*Use words that connect the variables
*Position the variables from independent to dependent
*Provide a general definition of each key variable

If the study is mixed methods, does the purpose statement do as follows?
*Indicate the overall content intent
*Discuss the reasons for combining both quantitative and qualitative data
*Include the characteristics of a good qualitative purpose statement
*Include the characteristics of a good quantitative purpose statement

Indicate the specific types of quantitative and qualitative data collection.

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The solution provides a sample research design review of a research article which is also attached with this solution. To review the research, the solution looks at the demands of the problem and touches on the necessary topics for discussion. Full publishing details pf the article is also listed in the review. Some related references have been listed as well.

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Research Design Review: Purpose Statement

Article: Partners in Diabetes : Action research in a primary care setting
Author:Tai J. Mendenhall and William J. Doherty
Publisher: http://www.sagepublications.com
Date & Publication Details :Action Research 2007 5: 378

Yes, the article attached presents a mixed-methods study but it is focused more towards the qualitative method with principles of the quantitative method adapted to add important descriptive numeric information to quantify the narrative data. This fact can be read in the Abstract which states, "We conducted qualitative analyses of detailed meeting process-notes spanning more than three years, and key-informant interviews with providers, patients and family members." However, this is far more evident in the section that discusses 'Study Design' worded as follows (Mendenhall, Doherty, 2007, pp. 9):

"While quantitative measures can be made to assess impact on a dependent variable that is easy to measure (e.g. metabolic control, or A1c), the community based participatory research process represents a moving target that is better captured through the subjective experiences, voices and observations of key participants. Accordingly, qualitative ...

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