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    I have the following task, and I need some help getting started: Write a 350-700-word synopsis of the article including the following:

    a. Define the business research and its purpose.

    b. Explain the business problem(s) under investigation.

    c. Describe the data collection method(s) used in the research project.

    d. What did the researchers conclude as a result of their research?

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    One approach to help you with this synopsis is to address each question, which you can then draw on for your final copy. This is the approach this response takes.


    a. Define the business research and its purpose.

    Educational research has been subjected to intense scrutiny over the past five years, culminating in the author's focus on scientific research in education. While keeping abreast of research-based knowledge is challenging, it is an important endeavor for informing best practices. Over the past decade, special educators have published a few comprehensive reviews of assistive technology that span a broad range of students with disabilities, but because technology is constantly changing, another review was deemed necessary.

    The purpose of this business research was to provide a review of research on the use of assistive technology for students with disabilities and some reflections on the nature of knowledge that is being produced by researchers who are examining these issues.

    b. Explain the business problem(s) under investigation.

    The business problem under investigation was a review of assistive technology (AT) research that synthesized studies across disability ...

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    Referring to the article attached, this solution provides assistance on writing a synopsis of the article including: business research and its purpose, business problem(s) under investigation; data collection method(s) and the conclusions drawn.