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    Critically Anaylzing Counseling Literature

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    Select an article and give a brief synopsis of the literature that was reviewed in that article . Explain the implications of the research, as represented in the literature review, to practice in the area represented.

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    (1) Critically Analyzing Counseling Literature, select an article and give a brief synopsis of the literature that was reviewed in that article.

    Psychologists are confronted with problems in counseling that require decision making within specific guidelines, and thus often rely on theories and models into the decision-making process. The literature that is reviewed in the following article is focused on how clinicians make clinical judgments within the counseling process.

    *Article: Re-visioning a model of clinical judgment for systematic practitioners

    Clinical judgment may be defined as the study of therapists' decision making on tasks such as: (a) assessment, (b) diagnosis, (c) problem definition, (d) conceptualization, (e) progress and (f) intervention. Jankowski, Ivey, & Vaughn (2012) provide a review of the literature on the traditional models of decision making in clinical analysis, and suggest that traditionally judgments for clinical problems have been approaches from an inaccurate qualitative perspective. For example, Jankowski et al assert that traditional approaches to clinical judgment are focused on three objectives: (1) accuracy in judgment, (2) framing statistical methods against interpretative approaches, and (3) ...

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    This solution examines an article and provides a brief synopsis of the literature, and the implications of the research.