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Considerations for On-line Counseling

After careful consideration, you have decided to begin an online counseling practice. Discuss what you view to be the key considerations as presented in the counseling literature. What potential risks are you willing and unwilling to accept to make your practice successful? Discuss any pertinent laws from your state that may relate to the provision of online therapy.

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Online counseling:

Counseling is a process whereby a therapist or a counselor guides someone through the learning process to make good decisions about life by helping one to understand the causes of their problem. On the other hand, online counseling is a service that is internet based and helps people to deal with emotional and behavioral issues and also day to day problems such as problems in relationships. There are two types of online counseling and they are 'chat' and email counseling. In 'chat' counseling, the client has an online conversation with the therapist on the internet using text messaging. In the email counseling, the client and the therapist exchange emails either once or twice a week. The email explains the client's problem together with his or her story (Broderick, 2009).

The key considerations presented in the counseling literature:

In the counseling literature, one of the key considerations in online counseling is competency. Counseling practitioners need to assess the benefits and risks of online counseling, consider a high level of competence in service delivery using the internet, and also find out the kind of services they cannot or can deliver effectively and ...

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