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eLearning Can Be a Viable Training Solution For Adults

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Please explain what e-Learning is. Discuss in what situations e-Learning might be a viable training solution for adults and when it would not. Look at potential benefits for users as opposed to drawbacks. Discuss e-Learning in an ethical context. Consider the benefits and drawbacks for instruction in person as opposed to learning in a virtual classroom.

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e-Learning is specifically the training (and learning) by accessing information on-line. There are excellent benefits from being able to learn in this manner. If information can be successfully relayed via the Internet, more people can be instructed for less money; people can learn during their free time without leaving their full-time employment; and, people can learn from the comfort of their homes. However, it is important to ascertain if the material being conveyed can be shared without comprising the integrity of said information. If this happens, the information is suspect--"perhaps worthless. Another concern is whether the instruction can be adequately monitored for understanding. While technology has soared beyond the public's imagination, too quickly we have also seen the misuse of technology, but this is usually based upon "human consumption," not a failure of technology.

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This article looks at the viability of e-Learning or learning via the Internet.

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