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    Soci-economic sectors using eLearning

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    1- Please research to find, then describe at least 3 socio-economic sectors in which eLearning occurs â?" military, P-12, higher education, medicine, corporate, etc.

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    Information on these categories and their use of eLearning

    Higher Education: (wikipedia) By 2006 a myriad of students were participating in eLearning. Benefits of eLearning are internet access to digital versions of materials, adaptive tutorials, personalize information and guidance, and communication tools for collaboration. The cost of institutions' running continues to increase and thus on-line classes are being implemented. Many Master's and Doctorate programs are offered completely through eLearning to accomodate the modern student, one who works full time, lives quite a distance from the university, or has other obligations and cannot attend an actual face-to-face ...

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    Provides information on how higher education, the military, and medical field use eLearning