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    Putting eLearning to use

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    Are you having a hard time getting your students or co-workers engaged in new projects or assignments? Or, are you a student or employee and want to make a difference where you attend school or work? Maybe you need to implement some online or eLearning tools.Please discuss some useful tools that could be used.

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    eLearning has probably been around as long as the internet. As soon as websites existed, there was the opportunity to share information and knowledge, not just what you are having for dinner or pictures of cats. But, it is quite possible that where you attend school or where you work has yet to grasp electronic tools that fall under the heading of eLearning.

    Using eLearning allows students or participants to attend when it is most convenient for them. In our global society, it also means that new information and knowledge can be shared by anyone at any time.

    Students can download interactive videos and lessons from their instructor when they make time for it, rather than being forced to attend class at a specific time. In a business environment, workers can schedule time around other projects to catch up on new programs being put into place at work or learn about new policies being implemented.

    For students, this interactivity can be attached to a learning plan, ...

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    There are lots of options out there for eLearning. If your school or employer is not using them, maybe a bit of research can help put things into motion. Or, if you are a supervisor or instructor, maybe you have been tasked with researching the options that are out there. This post discusses the realm of elearning, provides quite a few business and school-related examples, as well as quite a few online resources that can help you in your search.